Our Services

Solution Architecture

Achieving a great business system requires a great business system design: It is not just spinning a disk and crossing your fingers, or it shouldn’t be. Our team partners closely with our clients to tease out all core requirements while ensuring a coherent and cost-effective system.


Consulting is only meaningful if it is adding value. We work with clients every day to help make their goals a reality. If we don’t think we are making good progress fast enough, we will put that squarely on the table.

Project Management

Project Management helps ensure things are on spec, on time, and on budget. Our PMP trained team knows when and how to use formal PM tools, the risks PM helps manage, and when PM can be safely minimized. Value for money is always top of mind.


Our software products ship complete and are highly tailorable to meet your needs. But sometimes you have a unique process that you feel is a competitive advantage. Our development team can put that into the standard product. We deliver a reliable, easy to upgrade, and fully warrantied solution.

Software Install and Upgrades

In addition to our other services, we source install and upgrade standard software products as required. Our team is well trained on our products and the associated IT environment. We work comfortably and knowledgably with your IT staff or network provider to ensure success.


Our team delivers training one-on-one to end users or to your trainers. We also do classroom training in-person or on-line. We will do training tailored specifically to your company or on a topic of common interest to several customers in the local area.

Reporting and CPM

There is lots of jargon but at core reporting and Corporate Performance Management are about tapping into your business data to get the information you need to help your business run better. We can help. We do just that with some of Atlantic Canada’s largest businesses as well as many smaller ones.