PAL Solutions for Manufacturers

We get it

We’ve been working with and for manufacturing companies of all types, literally for decades. We understand your needs and can deliver.

Simplify complexity

From demand to delivery, our methods of forecasting and demand planning coupled with solid inventory control and manufacturing execution provide “brilliantly simple” solutions “done right” in even the most complex environments.

Flexibility by design

A manufacturing company must be constantly changing and improving their methods and execution, and we get it. Our systems and implementations are built with growth and scalability in mind.

PAL Solutions for the CEO

10 Reasons to Consider a New ERP Solution

If any of the elements below have occurred in your organization within the last 6-12 months, then it may be time to consider your first ERP solution or perhaps a better one.

  1. Product Adjustments – You’ve expanded beyond your original product line – or added significant new features/capabilities, any one of which now requires better tracking/monitoring/activities
  2. Management Innovation – You’ve had a change in ownership or management and now have some exciting new ideas for improving operations, service, or capabilities
  3. Channel Change – Your distribution channel has changed or expanded (or you wish to expand) either by target audience type or geographic market
  4. Supply Chain Adjustments – Your current suppliers and/or partners are too costly based on other alternatives – you just need the data and analysis capabilities to compare and evaluate other options
  5. New Hires – Your employee base has grown requiring accounting and payroll adjustments
  6. Regulatory Change – Your industry has new/ changing regulations and/or you need additional trace or audit capabilities
  7. M&A – A merger or acquisition are being considered
  8. Facility Adjustments – You’ve outgrown your current facilities
  9. P&L – Your margins are shrinking, either based on growth or industry/business change, and you need to automate
  10. Competitive Response – Your competitors are outpacing you

PAL Solutions for the CFO

10 Reasons to Consider a New ERP Solution

  1. Revenue Changes – Financial governance/accounting/taxation has changed dramatically in recent years, and with manufacturers and distributors the global supply chain and ecommerce ordering systems make this even more complex.
  2. Industry Regulatory Change – Several manufacturers and distributors, such as those in food, healthcare, children’s toys, cookware, furniture, etc., are facing increasing legislation tied to both parts/ ingredient tracing and production/shipping tracking.
  3. Evolving Security Risks – Years ago, security and financial risk was primarily natural disasters or employee theft. Today, cyber theft of private and financial data including intellectual property can put out of business.
  4. Single-Source of the truth – Your company may have different data sources that inhibit you from getting a single accurate version of the truth.
  5. Expensive and Inefficient Resource Drains – Subtle cost shifts can quickly change a profit to a loss. The same is true in reverse. You need timely information to make profit-increasing recommendations.
  6. Old Technology – Manufacturing and distributing companies that need to update existing systems to handle changes, can lead to a cycle of needless spend and missed opportunities.
  7. Business Intelligence – New and massive amounts of internal and external data may be available, but you’re not receiving it in a logical or useful format.
  8. Silos of Information – Your running multiple systems that do not share their information.
  9. Diminishing Workflow and Processes – Manual data entry is increasing as does the manpower to input it.
  10. New Capacity Utilization – Better data and analytics could help you suggest game changing business action plans.

PAL Solutions for the COO

10 Reasons to Consider a New ERP Solution

  1. Agility – Change is constant so you need an ERP Partner that can manage change and evolving business circumstances.
  2. Silos of Information – Disconnected business systems will bury you in hierarchy, reduce visibility, and contribute to operational bottlenecks.
  3. Automation – Business Process Automation. Without this cornerstone, non-automated workflows contribute to repetitive manual processes that are both time wasters and error magnets. Great ERP solutions provide vetted tracking capabilities that support compliance with industry, governmental/ health and accounting mandates, thus delivering improved visibility and margins.
  4. New Technologies – Cloud, mobile, machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT). These technologies help COOs uncover hidden data and meaningful analytics in a more efficient and accurate manner. ERP solutions can capture the strength of Big Data and connect the IoT into critical operations.
  5. Budget Busters – It’s easy for any ERP system to report forensically on what items killed an operational budget. What today’s COOs are demanding are systems that project time/resource allocations accurately and identify the advantages and consequences of making changes.
  6. Partner Advantages – One of the most critical areas for achieving better operational controls is tighter integration to key strategic partners. There are multiple points of connection and opportunity through a well-integrated ERP system.
  7. Do-It-Yourself Tailor ability – Today’s best ERP companies give customers the ability to tailor the applications they are using, by role, by function, by geography, without core re-engineering. Power users can easily move fields and show data to improve their operational requirements.
  8. Strategic Alerts – Data is ever growing – Analytic-embedded ERP solutions allow COOs to set parameters to see potential problems and react more quickly.
  9. Customer Service Excellence – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities extend insight into all areas of customer interaction.
  10. ‘Good Enough’ – It’s not enough for today’s businesses to have repetitive or manual processes that work; the short-term adjustment to a new ERP solution is worth the long-term operational benefits in capability and efficiency.


Goal - Your Success
Core Strengths
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Amazing depth
Our team of ten brings more than 16 years' ERP experience per person. We've been Controllers, Chief Operating Officers, IT Managers, global executives, owner-operators, and software architects. We understand business.
Atlantic focus
We've successfully implemented clients from Saint John to St. John’s, Tracadie to Pubnico, Sydney to Grand Falls: We know local. We are from Glace Bay and Happy Valley, Tatamagouche and Exploits, Yarmouth and Summerside: We are local.
Local values
We believe clients deserve value for money, calls should be answered by humans, and the President calls _you_ to make sure you are delighted with our service.

Leading edge
We independently search the globe for the best tools for our clients. We constantly challenge and refine the status quo. And we hire only the best ... or we don't hire at all.
Proven partners
We work with proven best of breed solutions and only with partners we know will stand behind us and our clients no matter what. It will work as promised.
Clear vision
We do one thing and we do it with a passion: help manufacturers and distributors design and manage business processes better to achieve real measurable bottom line results.



Define what you need by talking to opinion leaders at all levels. It's not hard and shouldn't be expensive but it is critical. We can help if desired. Share the feedback to ensure it rings true.
Not all outcomes are equally important. "Competitive advantages" must be done your way. "Must haves" are needed end results but the path can vary. "Nice to haves" are important during the implementation to make change management easier.
Look for a product and team with a proven track record of delivering on your top priorities and therefore ROI. Be cautious: A strong team with an acceptable product will achieve far more on-the-ground success than the other way around.


Everybody in the plant logs onto the operation of a job and we’re able to know, at any given time, if the hours allocated to the job are more or less than planned.
Job Cost Tracking & SYSPROMaison Supreme Homes
… a lot less hair pulling!
Ease of Use & SYSPROLED Roadway Lighting
Our relationship with the folks at PAL Solutions goes back almost 10 years. They truly have become “pals” we can rely on.
Kathy DayJust Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op
We came away from the training with so many areas that we could implement in our company.  There were many great tips and tricks you could only learn through training, or by making a lot of mistakes on your own.
John-Mike BolognoneDirector of ITDurham Furniture
It used to take us 7 days to turn around an order.  Since we implemented SYSPRO with lean manufacturing practices, we have cut that down to just 1 day!
Lean Manufacturing & SYSPROAndreanne International Inc.
It’s great software!
Ease of Use & SYSPROLED Roadway Lighting
We used to have a full time person just to track the inventory.  Now that job is done in less than an hour and a half each day!
Inventory Control & SYSPROBonté Foods
MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) and Production Scheduling have taken a very large load off our shoulders.
Production Scheduling & SYSPROBourque Industrial Limited
Add the data & see the Magic!
Ease of Use & SYSPROLED Roadway Lighting
Our instructor did an incredible job involving all users, keeping pace so nobody was left behind, while ensuring more experienced users were still learning and involved.  John is definitely an expert in this product and has a way of sharing his knowledge in a way that everyone can understand.
John-Mike BolognoneDirector of ITDurham Furniture

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