PAL Solutions for Controllers

Easy transition

Not only are our software products designed to be easy to learn, but our staff have transitioned hundreds of financial professionals from legacy software to our systems. We have a proven methodology and good common sense business practices.

Industry aware

It’s amazing how often we see companies that have already invested significant effort and financial resources into software systems, and they still don’t truly know their costs. This can happen because the implementing vendor doesn’t understand the business well enough or simply they have the wrong tool for manufacturing or distribution. We can help.

“Financial Vision”

We understand and appreciate the value of the data you are collecting while using your ERP software. Our software and consultants can help you report on the information that supports your corporate vision and objectives so that you are not sailing in the dark.

PAL Solutions for Manufacturers

We get it

We’ve been working with and for manufacturing companies of all types, literally for decades. We understand your needs and can deliver.

Simplify complexity

From demand to delivery, our methods of forecasting and demand planning coupled with solid inventory control and manufacturing execution provide “brilliantly simple” solutions “done right” in even the most complex environments.

Flexibility by design

A manufacturing company must be constantly changing and improving their methods and execution, and we get it. Our systems and implementations are built with growth and scalability in mind.

PAL Solutions for Distributors

Happy to take your order…

… in almost any way you can imagine. We can provide an order entry system that can give your staff all the speed and information they’ve ever wanted while delivering the best service possible to your customers. This is true whether they are in the office or “on the road”.

Skilled supply chain management

Having the right product available without carrying an absurd amount of inventory is a pillar of success. Our ability to increase your outputs without adding more staff make us a valuable partner in improving business performance and your bottom line.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Reports, dashboards, KPI’s and scorecards that support YOUR management objectives. Measure your improvement over time and feel comfortable knowing that you are making the best, most informed business decisions possible.


Goal - Your Success
Core Strengths
Years per person in ERP
ERP Implementations per person


Amazing depth
Our team of ten brings more than 16 years' ERP experience per person. We've been Controllers, Chief Operating Officers, IT Managers, global executives, owner-operators, and software architects. We understand business.
Atlantic focus
We've successfully implemented clients from Saint John to St. John’s, Tracadie to Pubnico, Sydney to Grand Falls: We know local. We are from Glace Bay and Happy Valley, Tatamagouche and Exploits, Yarmouth and Summerside: We are local.
Local values
We believe clients deserve value for money, calls should be answered by humans, and the President calls _you_ to make sure you are delighted with our service.
Leading edge
We independently search the globe for the best tools for our clients. We constantly challenge and refine the status quo. And we hire only the best ... or we don't hire at all.
Proven partners
We work with proven best of breed solutions and only with partners we know will stand behind us and our clients no matter what. It will work as promised.
Clear vision
We do one thing and we do it with a passion: help manufacturers and distributors design and manage business processes better to achieve real measurable bottom line results.



Define what you need by talking to opinion leaders at all levels. It's not hard and shouldn't be expensive but it is critical. We can help if desired. Share the feedback to ensure it rings true.
Not all outcomes are equally important. "Competitive advantages" must be done your way. "Must haves" are needed end results but the path can vary. "Nice to haves" are important during the implementation to make change management easier.
Look for a product and team with a proven track record of delivering on your top priorities and therefore ROI. Be cautious: A strong team with an acceptable product will achieve far more on-the-ground success than the other way around.


Our business is built on relationships – ranging from fair trade producers in the south to local people we can trust and rely on for support.
Kathy DayJust Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op
When things go wrong, a team you can truly count on to be there.
Robert ButtNEWDOCK St. John’s Dockyard
After having many dealings with this wonderful bunch of people, I can strongly suggest they are capable of quickly and intelligently handling anything you can request of them.
Andrew RossMermaid Marine Products
Our instructor did an incredible job involving all users, keeping pace so nobody was left behind, while ensuring more experienced users were still learning and involved.  John is definitely an expert in this product and has a way of sharing his knowledge in a way that everyone can understand.
John-Mike BolognoneDirector of ITDurham Furniture
Our relationship with the folks at PAL Solutions goes back almost 10 years. They truly have become “pals” we can rely on.
Kathy DayJust Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op
A team which goes that extra mile to understand what you need and then another mile to deliver it.
Robert ButtNEWDOCK St. John’s Dockyard
Good relationships don’t just happen. They take people who are willing to share time, knowledge and patience and that you can rely on.
Kathy DayJust Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op
We came away from the training with so many areas that we could implement in our company.  There were many great tips and tricks you could only learn through training, or by making a lot of mistakes on your own.
John-Mike BolognoneDirector of ITDurham Furniture
A trusted partner for close to twenty years …nothing more needs to be said!
Robert ButtNEWDOCK St. John’s Dockyard
SYSPRO: A versatile, ERP system that allows for almost any customization you require. This system will fit your business no matter what your business is.
Andrew RossMermaid Marine Products

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