Document Management

PAL Solutions clients aim to automate things and minimize paper handling. They know it takes a lot of time with potential delays and information loss and storage expense. Our core ERP system can handle the basics quite well.
But for larger clients with several staff people performing the same paper management functions over and over again, there is a big potential return on investment (ROI) associated with a full powered Document Management System. This is where DASH DDX comes in.

PAL Solutions clients use DASH to automate paper flows such as managing supplier invoices: scan the invoice and the system automatically decodes what it says and calls up the right PO and SYSPRO receiving records to do a side by side by side comparison of each line. The document is now automatically securely stored and cross-referenced for all time.

DASH can help improve and automate any paper process. See your PAL Solutions representative or this link for more information and a brief demonstration video.